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2017-2020 Lexus IS Base TO F-Sport Rear Bumper Conversion Valance + Rear Diffuser Bundle

2017-2020 Lexus IS Base TO F-Sport Rear Bumper Conversion Valance + Rear Diffuser Bundle

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2014-2016 Lexus IS to 2017 rear bumper conversion valance


Designed to elevate your Lexus IS model with an elegant, sporty, yet aggressive feel without altering the factory design.

Compatible with: 2014-2016 Lexus IS (IS200t, IS350, IS300)

Bolts right up in minutes to the bottom of your rear bumper with your factory bolts/clips, and support screws (all included).

The NIA Rear Diffuser is test-fitted before leaving our facilities, for guaranteed fitment, color-matched with base/clear coat, just like your OEM factory paint.

Functional safety brake light turns on with regular lights, and turns brighter when pressing the brakes.

Made from ABS plastic (Industry standard), strong, and flexible, making them the most durable kits to with-stand the exhaust heat, common pot holes, curb rash, and occasional parking blocks.
Made in our Miami factory.

Options of: Primer-coated, color-matched to your vehicle paint code, or hydro-dipped,

Worldwide Shipping available.

The kit includes:

-1 Rear Diffuser (with optional brake light)

-All hardware for easy installation.


When will my order ship?

We are currently on a lead time of approximately 1-2 weeks before your order ships.

What is Raw Black/ABS?

Raw ABS is the way the kit comes out of the machine, it might have some minor imperfections that can be taken care of during prep. It is ideal for wrapping, or perfect for the do it yourselfer who will paint it him/herself.

What is Primer?

Primer is an undercoat is a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted. We use a grey 2K Primer for all our parts.

What is Hydrodip?

Hydrodip, is a method of applying printed designs to our kits. We use a twill carbon fiber pattern, with a heavy clear coat for protection.

Why your Vin Number is crucial for the paint process!

Why the vehicle's VIN number is so important in selecting the correct color tone for your kit based on the vehicle model and how the same color code can change tone if it is manufactured in Canada, USA or Mexico or from one year to another. Please watch the video for more details.

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